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Multi-hybrid energy systems typically consist of two or more renewable energy sources used in a single system to increase efficiency and reliability, but also because of the unequal supply of electricity. The multi-hybrid power supply system for powering the floating module is designed to convert renewable energies such as wind, sun and power of variable speed magnet generator into usable electricity.

Since very often the amount of energy produced is not proportional to the needs (consumption), this design includes an adequate battery pack for the accumulation of electricity collected from renewable energy sources that provides additional efficiency and reliability to the hybrid energy system. Multi-hybrid systems have long been used in the market as highly effective and reliable systems, but unlike existing systems (here it refers to sun and wind sources) this design includes a renewable energy source with variable speed magnet generator that uses the power of magnets to generate mechanical energy which, with high degree of usability, turns into electrical.


Materials used for lining and building the interior are natural materials, in most cases wood and wood products with decorative coatings also on the basis of wooden composites.

All glass surfaces maximally complement energy efficiency in terms of heat energy conservation because they have the capability of maximum heat accumulation of weak winter sun or stoping the penetration of strong summer sunshine. All this leads to significant savings in the amount of energy needed for cooling or heating the module. All interior equipment bears the markings of CE certificate.

Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of the module itself, and to the fact that materials used must not create any load for the module or the environment in which the module is located. The materials embedded in the module are, in the first place, high quality and long lasting.


Mastering the idea of perfect innovation using pure green sustainable energy source!
How about that?

There is no current type of project on the market (with the multi - hybrid energy system described in more detail here) and from this aspect the project has good prospects for realization in its sales part. It is intended that this innovative prototype demonstrates all its advantages and disadvantages and that it basically creates a quality technical and economic base for the development of new improved versions.

Oasis Meu powered by multi hybrid energy system

New on the global market

Hybrid power supply system that uses only green sources, ie transforms the energy of wind, sun and mechanical energy into electrical. This kind of hybrid combination of these 3 sources (sun, wind and variable speed magnetic generator) is the basis of innovation because such a combination, which would have its application on floating modules, does not currently exist on the global market.

floating house on water

The green renewable energy

The variable speed magnet generator as an innovative renewable source that does not depend on sun and wind raises the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the hybrid energy system at a very high level and is therefore suitable for use on this water craft. Only green sources of wind, sun and mechanical energy are transformed into electrical.

floating house construction

Sustainable & Eco friendly

All materials are ecologically acceptable, recyclable and harmless for environment, even during installation or during exploitation and recycling. Also, one of the essential characteristics of the embedded materials are the flammable / non-flammable properties, which are taken into consideration so that the materials are in principle non-flammable or non-supportive to the spread of fire and no harmful gases are produced.


High efficiency

Thanks to renewable sources, especially because of an innovative variable speed magnet generator.

High reliability

The hybrid system with three independent sources of renewable energy and a battery pack for energy storage provides a very high level of reliability of the power supply system.

Sustainability and environmental protection

The hybrid system with three renewable energy sources and a battery pack for energy storage reduces the need for power from a diesel generator, which is very important for sustainability and environmental protection (oasis) where the floating object will be stationed.

Simple voltage conversion

The central element of the system consists of an accumulator and an converter - inverter that converts the DC power from the 24V voltage battery to the alternating current of 220V.

Energy sources combo

The cables connect power supplies, a variable speed magnet motor, a 600W wind turbine and a 400W solar collector to a same common processor.

No need for public electricity grid connection

The comparative advantage of such a power supply system of the floating apartment is to eliminate the conventional electrical connection to the public electricity grid.


Provides great freedom to select distant, peaceful anchorage destinations.

The Hybrid System

All 3 renewable sources are connected to a processor that includes logical control and optionally includes individual sources. This means that the voltage sensors give information that during a period of good sun the voltage threshold on the solar collector is sufficient to charge the battery. The battery is designed as the base power supply of the consumer through the inverter. When there is no sun and there is a strong wind, the sensor includes a wind turbine that then recharges the battery - accumulator. When there is no sun or wind, and the voltage sensors send information that the energy level is too low in the battery, the engine - variable speed magnet generator automatically turns on. In the case of the use of strong electric consumers (air conditioning - especially in heating mode, oven) and the module is anchored or in navigation (therefore, there is no connection to the mains electricity network), the engine has the option of recharging batteries.

Full autonomy

This is all done automatically and does not require manual control and gives you full comfort. Such a hybrid power supply system of the floating module powered with electric energy provides the possibility of eliminating the conventional electrical connection to the public electricity grid. Also all the listed elements: engine - variable speed magnet generator, wind turbine and solar panels are extremely ecological, they solely use renewable energy and no harmful emissions are present. The variable speed magnet generator does not require additional energy to be added once it is triggered. After initial investment in component procurement, there is no cost, and maintenance prices are negligible. All this provides great freedom to select distant, peaceful anchorage destinations.

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. ”

Powering OASIS MEU

Green Energy - the only reliable source of energy with so many benefits

The interior design and materials will use environmentally-friendly (more biodegradable, natural) components, and additional value will be provided by a "smart module" system that will optimize electricity consumption and thus contribute to environmental protection of the "oasis" in which it will be located.