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Embark on a journey with OASIS MEU - A few words from conceptual manager

There is a truth in having a power. Power to change the rules, power to move you in some parallel world, far away from daily routine you are used to. All the truths are easy to understand once you discover them. Oasis Meu gives you a power you deserve to discover your truth. Even if you do not have a goal set, this journey can make your imagination possible. Just close your eyes and pretend you are a king of your destiny, the one and only who can make changes. The future belongs to those who can make a strong connection with nature, to those who are not willing to forget a child inside themselves. We are here to make our own playground as there is not any ultimate restriction for anyone. This is your way and do it like it is your first time. Discover all funcionality inside, explore your space and make a new experience without prejudices. Somewhere deep inside you should be a child again, testing the new life adventures.

Someone said that man becomes what he believes in. We believe you can be anyone you want to be and you can do all you wish. There is nothing you must do, there is only abandonment to clear field above you and deep blue below you. Our dedicated team of engineers implemented special innovative approach for you to feel safe and secure. If you have any doubt about the right way you should go, we can assure you that you are in the right place regardless a way you chose.

Observe around you. Just watch the art of this unique design. We do not see borders, as the art in its pure shape is boundless. Do not make judgments, just observe around you, just look into yourself. What are you doing in your life? Something that you do not want to? Something that does not make you happy? It is time to stop being what other want you to be. Let yourself go forward for something that really excites you, something that moves your own life borders and makes your life filled with joy. Search for pleasure of sunny morning and peace. Whenever you hear loudness in your mind, unrest in your soul, you know it is a time to take a step into your oasis. Be anonymous and feel the pulse of a real life, find a creativity inside you.

You are most welcome to steal from anything that you might be inspired by or anything that awakes your imagination. Swallow old movie and compare it with new one, hear the new song or read again your favorite book; watch forgotten photos, dream every day, enjoy random talks… We are here to give you magnific view of bridges, arhitecture, trees, clouds, water surface, light and shadow.

It is a frame that makes a good picture. Draw your own picture in our frame and leave a trace. You are all unique, you are all important for us. Be absolute begginer and we will guide you to safe dream port. World needs dreamers and those who work. But, above all, we need dreamers who will work to reach happiness and freedom. Oasis Meu team is here to help you.

Movement in a new direction helps you find new sense. Relax, enjoy and leave all your worries behind. The quicker you let go old habits, the sooner you find new inspiring challenges. Let us be your challenge, move with us again and again. Feel and make a space around and inside you. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of future, just be in the present, just be with Oasis Meu. OM, SHANTI, SHANTI..

floating homes manufacturers

Specific customers and targeted clients for Oasis Meu - floating home

Targeted audiences on the market are physical persons and legal entities, ie owners who will most often use the module for personal needs. We anticipated primarily the interest of a people who want to stay at the sea in the comfort of home, and have no preference for navigation and crowded boats' spaces or people who intend to use a module on lakes or rivers. Of course, this does not exclude the interest of foreign investors who will use the module for economic purposes.

Awards for OASIS MEU

The project "OASIS MEU" was awarded in the category of bronze medal at the international exhibition ARCA 2018 which was held in Zagreb on 18-20th October 2018. The idea has won the gold medal as well, at the 30th Jubilee Competition for the Best Innovation of Dalmatia 21.12.2018. organized by the society of innovators "Diatus", a member of the Association of Croatian Innovators.

The project was recognized by the domicile city and is among the best innovative ideas in 2018 according to the criteria of the city of Split.The industrial design of the floating module "OASIS MEU" is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the number DM/200006, dated 19.9.2018. The trademark "OASIS MEU" has also been implemented.

The essence of new Oasis Meu design

The 2 storey / deck water home with sufficient length and width gives the possibility of comfortable accommodation for 4 persons, with an inevitable jacuzzi on the front deck, as well as a solar panel on the upper deck that will charge the batteries and give the basic autonomy to the vessel. The project designer ensured that the comfortable height is not a threat to stability or maneuverability. The floating module is actually a boat that, with its interior, reminds more of the apartment that can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the customers. The project offers a solution for all those customers to whom the hotel rooms are simple and too frequent, and on the other hand they are not experienced "sea wolves" in terms of navigation and ship management. The idea is to provide accommodation at sea, in a luxury ambience that can only be found on incomparably larger and far more expensive yachts.

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Pure love - the creative fuel!

The floating module "OASIS MEU" is the result of pure love. The inspiration for creating a new concept of seafront accommodation was fluid. The reason for this is not related to all the waters that surround us, but as a physical form of lightness and simplicity in form and function. And so the story begins...