f About Oasis Meu - Floating Appartments, Your Home On Water

The beginnings

The floating module "OASIS MEU" is the result of pure love. The idea originated in early 2018. as a desire to create something new by concept, design and technical solutions.

The innovative project "OASIS MEU" implies the design, construction and sale of the first Croatian floating module, therefore it is about market innovation and innovation of the company "Regjo Consulting".

Inovative Approach

The application of technical solutions in terms of hybrid propulsion and power supply (solar, windmill, variable speed magnet generator) is the basis of the innovation of this project, we dare say in the global market. The project will develop from the start to be ready for both foreign and domestic markets, equally acceptable for use in inland waters (rivers, lakes) as well as the seas, and for this purpose the project will be technically tested for the most unfavorable conditions of static and dynamic stability.

Full Autonomy

The body will be constructed of steel and all technical systems, including batteries powered by solar panels, small wind turbines and variable speed magnet generator, will be located in the base. The module is autonomous and can accommodate a longer period of time without changing the location, meaning that all necessary water tanks (technical water, black and gray water) will be of sufficient capacity. With its own propulsion the module can change the place of anchorage - residence.

Market Prospects

The main goal through which we want to differentiate in the market is to satisfy end users' needs - of the so-called "in-between-clients" we have located - these are the ones that the standard hotel room service does not meet - they don't find it appealing, and on the other hand, they want to stay outdoors, on water, in nature, and also are not "sea wolves" in terms of navigation. Targeted buyers are hotel chains, camps, resorts that want to expand their offer to new and private customers who want to permanently invest in the facility either to live in it or use it for a certain number of days.


Our vision is the secret weapon behind our success

The project "OASIS MEU" was awarded in the category of bronze medal at the international exhibition ARCA 2018 which was held in Zagreb on 18-20th October 2018. The idea has won the gold medal as well, at the 30th Jubilee Competition for the Best Innovation of Dalmatia 21.12.2018. organized by the society of innovators "Diatus", a member of the Association of Croatian Innovators.

The project was recognized by the domicile city and is among the best innovative ideas in 2018 according to the criteria of the city of Split.The industrial design of the floating module "OASIS MEU" is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the number DM/200006, dated 19.9.2018. The trademark "OASIS MEU" has also been implemented.

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