We have a unique way of meeting your every expectation!
floating apartments anchored

Find Your Happiness

This is a place for you, anchor yourself into safe bay and just enjoy. In pure water find your happiness, hold the world and feel unforgettable moments. Share your love and bring a smile wherever you go. Be with yourself.

eco-friendly floating home

All year around, all weather conditions

Oasis Meu houseboat is specially designed to be used all year round, regardless if you are staying in inland (river and lakes) or on sea water. Safe stability ensures comfort in various weather conditions with wide range of anchoring position: marine harbours, island lagunes, hotel and resort bays. All materials used are highly durable and eco-friendly.

floating home with eco friendly materials

Eco-friendly materials

„Unique for unique“ is our guiding though under common AMOR-AQUA-ALMA name. One of a kind artistic interior design will fit into all your moods. Just pure lines with decent color note that can be also „tailor made“. You can choose dominating interior color according to your preferences, we pay special importance to what our guests & clients makes happy and joyfull.

floating apartment with comfortable interior

Pure Joy

Our professional architect designers expressed their true art passion to make this place your own Oasis. A lot of designer's hours are spent to make the perfect output filled with love and positive energy that we want you to feel by each step and moment. Heavenly comfortable matress can be easily switched by one you prefer.

floating house

Love on water

To find your love on a water, do not search anymore, just get upstairs and take a look at sunset calling you for peacefull state of mind. If you are still thinking, stop doing it, spoil yourself and your loving ones – join us on this fantastic water empire. Let „OASIS MEU“ became your Barco do Amor.

floating home with private pool

Enjoy the comfort of private pool

Full comfort water apartment will make your memories unique. Once you are far away you will be able to dream big again . Lay down in your private pool, read your favorite book on sunny terrace or simply take a jorney around island…it is all up to you, just follow your desire and live a full life. Cheer a bird in the sky, catch the breeze in a tree, open all your senses to new possibilities.



Oasis Meu houseboat will meet the berth conditions in marinas, anchoring spots and bays because it will be certified as a vessel. It will have it's own propulsion and project solutions that will allow autonomy and unobstructed navigation if desired. In this way we get LIVE OASIS that are no longer temporary anchorages for chartered ships but an opportunity for developing a new story.


Oasis Meu houseboat offers a solution for sea lovers who:

  • like comfort but do not care to have it just inside a hotel room
  • want to stay at the sea, but they have problems with sea sickness
  • love traveling and staying in the open but do not like tight spaces tipically encountered on boats
  • want to experience something new


The inspiration for creating a new concept of seafront accommodation was fluid. The reason for this is not related to all the waters that surround us, but as a physical form of lightness and simplicity in form and function.The result of the initial guidelines is the original form of the module accompanied by a functional interior.
The shape follows all the elements and easily guides one place to the next, with all the necessary elements that are familiar and easy to use. The shape of the hull, design, comfort and autonomy provided by this concept of the vessel exits from the current market offer, which is confirmed and awarded by 3rd place at the 16th International ARCA 2018 Innovation Exhibition.


A sense of freedom is conjured which comes from the possibility of sailing with floating house and moving to wherever desired. Clients are given the option of personalizing the layout of floating home according to their wishes. In order to emphasize unification with nature present in the design, open glass surfaces with panoramic views dominate the interior mostly equipped with natural wood and various other eco-friendly materials.


The 2 storey / deck water home with sufficient length and width gives the possibility of comfortable accommodation for 4 persons, with an inevitable jacuzzi on the front deck, as well as a solar panel on the upper deck that will charge the batteries and give the basic autonomy to the vessel.


Oasis Meu houseboat is a friend of nature, fits in with the environment and does not disturb it (technical water is obtained by desalination of sea water, and the necessary electricity is acquired from the solar powered battery, tanks of black and gray water will have enough capacity for 5 days of autonomy).


With integrated solar roof and hybrid power system

Hybrid power system

Solar Roof

You will be able to go sailing using only electric motors (electric motors are powered by battery system that can be charged by solar panels , diesel generator or by a shore charger). Do not worry, this demands no pre-knowledge, you just define what main purpose of boat is – long journeys demand larger generator and weekend pleasures can be achieved only by using solar panels and a small generator backup which is for sure more environmentally friendly option. Modular building method ensures fast and easy assembling and optimum leading time that will fit into Client's time frame


Sometimes you just want to escape, escape from reality, to search yourself again…